Nomad soul Branding & Product photography:

Nomad Soul is a Vancouver-based pottery company started by Estelle Liebenberg. Originally from South Africa, she brings tribal and contemporary 

African designs to her one-of-a-kind ceramics. Her pottery is made in the traditions of the ancient Japanese technique, raku, where

the still red-hot pottery is taken out of the kiln and allowed to air-cool in a pile of combustibles, like paper, which allows for such vivid coloration.

Because she brings a lot of influence from African culture to her work, we decided to create a very simple logo mark that imitates a

sun-flare, with colours that remind her of her home and upbringing; turquoise for the sky, and orange for the land.



Kolton Babych Fine Jewelry Branding, Packaging & Product Photography:

I wanted to create something timeless and classic with a contemporary twist. The jewelry itself is quite bold and has a lot of detail; simplicity in

it's packaging is key. Since I didn't want to take away from the intricacies of the jewelry, I wanted to make sure the decisions of the packaging

were well thought out. The grey of the handmade pouch is offset by the white stitching and the holographic logo on the box lid adds the perfect

amount of interest to hint at whats inside.


Visit Kolton Babych Fine Jewelry HERE



Vancouver Metal Arts Association Re-Brand:

For the Vancouver Metal Arts Association, I decided to create something that appealed to

a wide range of people. Since the association has only been around for a few years, I wanted to new

branding to feel established yet contemporary. The logotype is able to be used on its own for different

media, while still retaining the identity of the organization.




"The Mary Alice Brandon File" Short Film:

I was asked to design a logo for a short film called "The Mary Alice Brandon File" set in the 1920s. The script depicted a mental asylum, where

a majority of the movie takes place, so I chose to use this hospitals official seal as part of the logo. I also created a typeface that look as though

it had eroded from years of use, capturing some of the supporting characters views of the protagonist, a worn down, delusional 19 year old girl

who claimed she had visions of the future. The film won "The Storytellers: New Voices of the Twilight Saga" competition. The short film can be

viewed here:

These images appear courtesy of Kailey and Sam Spear, Directors.

Photography courtesy of Shimon Photgraphy:


Twelve Magazine Layout Re-Design:

I wanted to layout the previously bunched and crowded article in "Twelve" Magazine,

allowing it to reflect it's subject. Hoorsenbuhs Jewelry is clean, classic and edgy; I re-created

the feel of the jewelry with a simple and elegant layout, laced with grainy photos of

the designer, signature jewelry and pastel colours.


"Crown of Thorns" Branding:

I was to create a new liquor company that eluded to something religious. I decided to use the image of Jesus' crown of thorns

to represent absinthe. The crown is representative of the mockery and downfall of the "King of the Jews" much like absinthe's

loss of popularity in France during the "Belle Epoque", or the "Beautiful Era". I created a graphic representation of the crown of

thorns layered with a custom typeface to accentuate the liquor's elegant and harmful past.